MarkAllen’s American Kitchen is owned by the husband/wife team of Mark Weisbrod and Ann Maxwell-Weisbrod. Before we go into our story....

What we have learned during the Pandemic so far....

1. We have always known the importance of customers coming in the door to visit us as often as possible, but our customers have gone way above, and way beyond.

Yes patronizing our business has helped us to serve the community, but it is all the kind comments, love, support, patience and outright positive glimpses of humanity that have kept us inspired to keep going no matter what.

Our customers are no longer just customers, they have become our teammates.

2. If we can survive what we had to go through so far, that is, with the help of our dedicated professional staff and our Team Awesome Customers; we can survive anything!

3. That you can never take anything for granted. We have all lost something through this. Freedoms, social life, possibly a job or your business or worse; one of your loved ones was taken. We have learned to enjoy the rollercoaster ride we are on and to enjoy the ups and the downs no matter what.

4. That we love our customers, more than we ever thought possible.

Ok .. so here is our background

Mark earned his chops as a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Mark has over thirty years experience in running a kitchen and managing successful restaurants. including General Manager and Chef on Chicago’s Navy Pier as well as time at Lake Point Tower. Mark loves Da' Bears and just loves to go fishing, every chance he gets.

Ann is a talented artist who creates gorgeous colorful interactive artwork. Ann's art features a whimsical, bright, contemporary folk look that tends to generate happiness. Ann earned a BFA from Drake University and also spent a year in Italy doing studio art work.Ann is lifelong people pleaser and absolute loves to give every customer a great experience.



What are others saying about Mark Allen's?

We are absolutely humbled to the best restaurant in all of Peru. Our visitors keep giving us incredibly positive ratings. Currently we have a five star rating with over 300 reviews. So instead of trying to convince you that we are some kind of something something, take a peak for yourself. Click here for Trip Advisor

The only way to know for sure how tasty our food is, is for you to stop by for a visit. And then you can test our cuisine and decide for yourself. If you want to check our safety guidelines please click here.