When you come into Mark Allen's you will notice some wonderful art. It all started when we opened the restaurant and the walls were completely bare. Ann grabbed a couple of her pieces to fill the gaps and as time went on a wonderful thing happened. There was a an immediate positive emotional reaction from the customers. We just wanted to cover up the walls and all of a sudden there was a little magic floating around.

The art became a huge part of the experience for our customers. You see Ann has some pretty amazing skills when it comes to making interactive magnet art. She even wrote a book about it, called Pick Your Nose and Make a Face.

We really have no explanation as to why the art became such a big part of the experience. Even though the interactive art is put aside during the health crisis, they will be back as soon as possible. With all the crazy outside, having a place to come and enjoy the little things, like fantastic food, positive people, great service and a bright cheery atmosphere is essential to one's sanity.


The Wishing Wall is a fun thing that we have had since we opened. The wall inspires guests to think about what is most important to them and is a fun conversation starter. We get numerous funny answers, small  wishes, big wishes and wishes for good health and safety of the people in our community. One of our most memorable "wishes" was by an older gentleman who was looking for love again and found it! We believe that once our wishes have been put out into the universe, written down and become goals the magic will kick in. 


We do have a bit of a party animal that lives at the bar. Bob is a stray rescue. We were pretty sure he was going to be thrown away, but he still had some joy to bring to the world. We think he is a Great Dane - Rye - Coke mix but we are not totally sure. If you need a good listener, you can talk to Bob the Party Animal all night long and he will never interrupt you. Yes you can tell Bob your deepest secrets, and he will never tell another human soul (sorry we can't guarantee that he  won't talk to other dogs though).

Like we said before, we encourage Serious Fun with the art on display, the Wishing Wall, Bob the Party Animal and for our customers to help create a little more fun in the world.